There and back again.

It’s a funny thing; walking slowly, on purpose.

No idea why, but Jesus seems much more there when I walk slowly. I can’t help but wonder; walking mincing steps in the middle of the night, guitar in hand but my cold fingers in my pockets. Why is Jesus more there when I get slower and slower, now less than lolly-pop steps?

I like the journey. It seems He likes it too. The walk has become more fun than that “prayer spot”. Well, they are both fun, really, but now this is fun too. If I go slow enough, maybe we can have a prayer walk instead – there and back again.

It was a few weeks ago I when I tried looking at the stars as I walk. The trees are blacker than the night sky, so they line each side of the path with a silhouette of branches against the stars. I think of God when I look up.

And I need to. Here I am, deep in the bush at 3am with the goal the meet God, and can you believe it – my mind is still wandering all over the place. Pointless rehearsals of what probably won’t happen, or useless re-runs of what already has. I can’t even keep my mind on Him when there are no distractions left. Help me Lord. I remember drilling into a verse as the dark branches slowly drift past, “Taking every thought captive into obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ”.

But it is a bright moon tonight, almost full. The wind makes the city lights sharp and clear. The stars are just spectators tonight. I am still on mincing steps, with no theology for it. But I guess the other guys were travelling faster in their minds than the good Samaritan was.

I peer ahead where Jesus seems to hang around where the trail fades into the shadow of the trees, but other times he sort-of walks alongside.

Slower is faster.

Reminds me of that saying “Less is more”. Only this is about slowing down enough, like the slowly moving hem of His garment that a woman could catch up to in the crowd. Am I wrong to scoff at the slow-moving Hollywood Jesus?

The prayer spot is just ahead, lit up by a bright moon. It feels like coming home again, to a reunion of friends. Very free tonight, hardly a rebuke or claim the whole trip. Just walking in the garden in the cool of the day (night actually – but it feels like day). I have no idea of the time, but dawn is hours away. I like that feeling. Here we are and there is no deadline.


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